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Wow....What a Day!

St. Mary's Maudlintown invited Rang a 3 and Rang a 4 to participate in a Gaelic Football Blitz on Wednesday, May 16th and boy... what a day we had! We played in five matches of well-contested football and we thoroughly enjoyed taking on the other five schools involved.

Everyone, with a gumshield, had the opportunity to play - with some now promising to join their local football team as a result. We also discovered a new walkway, courtesy of Múinteoir Dean, which shortened our walk to Maudlintown. St. Mary's certainly went out of their way to welcome us and the event was superbly organised by Trevor and his team. Múinteoir Dean acted as head coach on the day and we sincerely thank him.

Astroturf in St. Mary's Maudlintown

Everyone walked home worn out but with wide smiles on their faces. What a lovely way to spend one of our few sunny days!

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