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Vikings in Wexford!!!!!

Rang 3 walked in the footsteps of the Vikings through Wexford Town Last Wednesday, accompanied by our historical tour guide, Monica Crofton. We learned plenty abouut the Vikings who arrived here in 888 A.D.

1.St Michael's Gate - one of the gates used to enter or .

2. Stonebridge - a Viking bridge.

3. The back of SportSavers - The ruins of 11 Viking houses were discovered here recently.

4. Mary's Lane. The Vikings walked this lane as they made their way to Church (The ruins of the Viking Church lay buried under the current structure).Shiúil na Lochlann

5-11 St. Peter's Lane - children listened out for the river that flows beneath the road.

12. observing an old graveyard.

13 School Street- Keysers Lane began here and extended down as far as the quay

14. (grammatical mistake in English sign) should read Keysers Lane.

15 Following down Keysers Lane

16. In Viking time the quay was under water. The boats were docked here

17. Oyster Lane.

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